Adakah ini satu Tabungan???

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Send this eCard !

I am sorry...that I missed your Birthday.....hope this is acceptable!
Compliment to Mr. Google for the cake...he! he! he!

And....taking advantage of this circumstances.....I am taking this opportunity to send you this sincere  Happy  New Year Greetings all across the miles!


Solehah said...

happy birthday 2 u jgk..

Sue @ Nenie said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Lee

precious said...

Hepi besday Uncle Lee ...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Watie, words fail me with your thoughtfulness and warm gesture, but terima kaseh seribu.
I really appreciate it very much.
It's good you did not put any candles, ha ha, or else the cake will get flatten from the weight, as well might need bigger cake, ARHAAAAA HA HA.

Watie, a birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, and I shall enjoy the trip with good friends like you, even though you are dangerous to my waistline, ha ha ha.

Where were you when I was handing out my Resume? Ha ha...still in Kindergarten.
Watie, sekali lagi, thank you very much for your warm wishes and the beautiful cake. I love it.

You keep well, stay young, stay beautiful and jagan lupa tu cili merah lipstick. Best regards, Lee.

AzuanBudakMemandai said...

hepi besday to you le uncle lee huhuu